Araiyo Adventure

Araiyo is a Massai word which refers to the leather shoes that the local tribes would make from old rubber materials of cars and motorcycles. These creative and eco-friendly shoes would be worn by the native people when hunting or taking long journeys. These shoes are still worn today by the locals. ou may also notice them being worn by our guides while on tour..

Tanzania The Home Of Adventure

Tanzania is a very popular location. A beautiful country with thousands of attractions for tourists to see and experience. Here you can enjoy the vast and unique landscapes, climb the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa and explore the natural zoo and Ngorongoro crater.

Besides the nature we offer nice, comfortable hotels and tasteful dishes from local kitchens.

Love cycling? Then you are in the right place to experience something memorable. Just imagine improving your biking skills on different landscapes and through beautiful scenic grasslands.  Our professional guides will gladly take you there.

The Untold Story Of Arusha City

The Clock Tower was built by Galanos, a Greek millionaire who came in Tanganyika in the early years of the 20th century. It is believed that the Arusha Clock Tower is located exactly between Cairo and Cape Town and is considered the centre point of the three countries of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Arusha, Tanzania also known as the “Geneva of Africa“ continues to remain a popular tourist destination because of the variety of attractions available here. At Araiyo Adventure we have provided hundreds of tourists wonderful cycling activities. Come visit us soon!

** In choosing our company we assure your safety and satisfaction during each tour. **